Violent Leftist Rhetoric and the Shooting of Steve Scalise

Yet again terrorism strikes, and this time it is in Alexandria, Virginia. The attack occurred during the Congressional Republican’s charity baseball practice on Wednesday. The shooter opened fired across the field, wounding five, including house majority whip leader Steve Scalise. Luckily, as of now those shot are being treated with no deaths reported. The only…… Continue reading Violent Leftist Rhetoric and the Shooting of Steve Scalise

The Battle for Mosul

The Great Mosque in Mosul is famous for its leaning minaret, but unfortunately it will be now be remembered for a much darker reason. The mosque became a focal point when ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the establishment of the self-proclaimed caliphate in its hall. To combat this global threat, a coalition of forces…… Continue reading The Battle for Mosul

The President’s Future with Saudi Arabia

Throughout the 2016 election campaign Donald Trump spoke brashly about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The hyper-conservative Gulf State has been lambasted for extending Wahhabism overtly, and supporting terrorism covertly. Liberals, conservatives, and United States detractors alike gazed in awe as Presidential candidate Trump stood up against the Kingdom. That position has shifted. Keeping with the…… Continue reading The President’s Future with Saudi Arabia

Trump, UAE, and the War on Terror.

President Donald Trump met with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi on Monday before leaving for an important meeting with Saudi Arabia. The meeting will be the first of the President’s stops overseas. Because the meeting with Saudi Arabia is on top of the list, this meeting with the UAE will likely be overlooked. It…… Continue reading Trump, UAE, and the War on Terror.

Yemen Crisis: Oman’s Leading Role

  Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East. This is in part due to the constant fighting that has taken place within the country. The Yemen conflict is complex, and its complexity almost assures that the common Yemeni will stay poverty stricken. The focal point in this conflict domestically is between the Houthi…… Continue reading Yemen Crisis: Oman’s Leading Role

Aleppo: Assad’s Way Out

In a recent post I explained  why the city of Aleppo is important in the Syrian conflict. In that post I mentioned why it is important to the Assad regime, and why it isn’t likely the barrel bombs will cease. Aleppo is crucial in the Syrian war, and anyone hoping to “win” will no doubt…… Continue reading Aleppo: Assad’s Way Out

What is the International Criminal Court and why hasn’t America signed?

International institutions have always been  highly subjected to scrutiny. The anarchical nature of international relations leaves some wary.This feeling of uneasiness and instability could become stable if only there were overarching powers. Hands granted by the world populace to pick and pluck out the worlds problems. These hands have come to be shaped in institutions…… Continue reading What is the International Criminal Court and why hasn’t America signed?