Why Aleppo Matters.

Aleppo has been in the news as of late. Many people are only familiar with the city because a question about it was fumbled by Libertarian nominee for president Gary Johnson. Long before the word “Aleppo” became a political aphorism for blanking on a question (see Johnson again) it has been a key site in…… Continue reading Why Aleppo Matters.

Facade of Democracy: Brazil’s Coup

Visit the country of Brazil and it will do no less than take your breath away. The beautiful beaches are accompanied by even more beautiful people. The metropolis that is Rio de Janeiro is the South American New York. Towering skyscrapers and high class restaurants are in abundance. If Rio isn’t enough to prove how…… Continue reading Facade of Democracy: Brazil’s Coup

Turkey’s New Autocracy?

With less than five articles created, again we move to Anatolia. Not because of my intrigue with the country, although I wouldn’t mind a visit, but because of the ripples it’s causing on the world stage. In my first article I discussed the ramifications of President Erdogan’s lax regulation of his borders concerning fighters going to/from Syria.…… Continue reading Turkey’s New Autocracy?

ISIS: Lashing Out

There has been an uptick in terror attacks by the Islamic State in recent weeks.The way things are going, it’s hard to tell who is winning the war. For every military victory in the far off land of the middle east, more bodies pile up in the streets at home. Every clip of the carnage…… Continue reading ISIS: Lashing Out