What the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Means for (East) Europe

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a project that is currently on standby. Albeit not for long. The pipeline will transfer gas from Russia, through the Baltic Sea and straight onto the German coast. This project has escalated the worries of people in Eastern Europe. Their primary concerns are that its construction emboldens Vladimir Putin.…… Continue reading What the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Means for (East) Europe

Turkey’s New Autocracy?

With less than five articles created, again we move to Anatolia. Not because of my intrigue with the country, although I wouldn’t mind a visit, but because of the ripples it’s causing on the world stage. In my first article I discussed the ramifications of President Erdogan’s lax regulation of his borders concerning fighters going to/from Syria.…… Continue reading Turkey’s New Autocracy?