Free Speech: Shakespeare or Alt-Right?

Before reading, watch the this link for Hannity’s segment with Laura Loomer, the woman who went on stage to interrupt Shakespeare in the Park. Well, that sure was… something.         This is the first time I’m writing a response to a video. I don’t typically do this, but after seeing this clip…… Continue reading Free Speech: Shakespeare or Alt-Right?

Violent Leftist Rhetoric and the Shooting of Steve Scalise

Yet again terrorism strikes, and this time it is in Alexandria, Virginia. The attack occurred during the Congressional Republican’s charity baseball practice on Wednesday. The shooter opened fired across the field, wounding five, including house majority whip leader Steve Scalise. Luckily, as of now those shot are being treated with no deaths reported. The only…… Continue reading Violent Leftist Rhetoric and the Shooting of Steve Scalise

The President’s Future with Saudi Arabia

Throughout the 2016 election campaign Donald Trump spoke brashly about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The hyper-conservative Gulf State has been lambasted for extending Wahhabism overtly, and supporting terrorism covertly. Liberals, conservatives, and United States detractors alike gazed in awe as Presidential candidate Trump stood up against the Kingdom. That position has shifted. Keeping with the…… Continue reading The President’s Future with Saudi Arabia