The “Death” of al Baghdadi, and the Future Fight Against the Islamic State

On Friday, Russia’s defense ministry reported that the leader of the Islamic State, Ibrahim abu Bakr al Baghdadi, has been killed. Russia claims that the death comes along with at least 300 other IS militants during a conference in their capital at Raqqa.   Russia has still not yet confirmed this kill. And there has…… Continue reading The “Death” of al Baghdadi, and the Future Fight Against the Islamic State

The President’s Future with Saudi Arabia

Throughout the 2016 election campaign Donald Trump spoke brashly about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The hyper-conservative Gulf State has been lambasted for extending Wahhabism overtly, and supporting terrorism covertly. Liberals, conservatives, and United States detractors alike gazed in awe as Presidential candidate Trump stood up against the Kingdom. That position has shifted. Keeping with the…… Continue reading The President’s Future with Saudi Arabia

Yemen Crisis: Oman’s Leading Role

  Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East. This is in part due to the constant fighting that has taken place within the country. The Yemen conflict is complex, and its complexity almost assures that the common Yemeni will stay poverty stricken. The focal point in this conflict domestically is between the Houthi…… Continue reading Yemen Crisis: Oman’s Leading Role

Aleppo: Assad’s Way Out

In a recent post I explained  why the city of Aleppo is important in the Syrian conflict. In that post I mentioned why it is important to the Assad regime, and why it isn’t likely the barrel bombs will cease. Aleppo is crucial in the Syrian war, and anyone hoping to “win” will no doubt…… Continue reading Aleppo: Assad’s Way Out

Why Aleppo Matters.

Aleppo has been in the news as of late. Many people are only familiar with the city because a question about it was fumbled by Libertarian nominee for president Gary Johnson. Long before the word “Aleppo” became a political aphorism for blanking on a question (see Johnson again) it has been a key site in…… Continue reading Why Aleppo Matters.

ISIS: Lashing Out

There has been an uptick in terror attacks by the Islamic State in recent weeks.The way things are going, it’s hard to tell who is winning the war. For every military victory in the far off land of the middle east, more bodies pile up in the streets at home. Every clip of the carnage…… Continue reading ISIS: Lashing Out