Syria Ceasefire – Why it Won’t Last.

The UN’s special envoy to Syria Mr. Staffan de Mistura is set to begin the seventh round of indirect peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition leaders. While the talks begin in Geneva, three war torn provinces in Southern Syria will be quiet, at least for the time being. The ceasefire brokered last week…… Continue reading Syria Ceasefire – Why it Won’t Last.

What the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Means for (East) Europe

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a project that is currently on standby. Albeit not for long. The pipeline will transfer gas from Russia, through the Baltic Sea and straight onto the German coast. This project has escalated the worries of people in Eastern Europe. Their primary concerns are that its construction emboldens Vladimir Putin.…… Continue reading What the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Means for (East) Europe

Aleppo: Assad’s Way Out

In a recent post I explained ¬†why the city of Aleppo is important in the Syrian conflict. In that post I mentioned why it is important to the Assad regime, and why it isn’t likely the barrel bombs will cease. Aleppo is crucial in the Syrian war, and anyone hoping to “win” will no doubt…… Continue reading Aleppo: Assad’s Way Out